Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Checking In

Happy 2014!

Astrological events happen all the time, yet since the New Moon in Capricorn occurred on January 1st, something profound has been in alive in the air. Most of us didn't see an immediate, dramatic new beginning dropped into our lap from the sky, that day. Yet for many of us, the New Moon/New Year double-whammy-combo triggered powerful inspiration and set in motion an opportunity to move forward or reap harvest, providing - and this part is very important -  we are willing to release toxic, unproductive or cluttering influences standing in the way.

For some of us, 2014's deeply symbolic kick-off may have uncovered a new understanding about what had been causing us to stagnate or digress in an area - or multiple areas, of life.  Your individual chart will reveal parts of your life highlighted by this lunar event and will give additional insight into the energies at play and how they are affecting you.

Note* If you wish for me to access your natal chart, you will need to either email me a copy of your (Tropical) chart OR send me your birth information (date, month, year, time, location) ASAP before our session.

Many clients call me because they want to know how someone else is feeling or what they're doing, or planning on doing. I want you to know that I am also here to assist you on your journey of introspection, discovery, self-empowerment and emotional healing. You can learn more about the tools I use in the About My Sessions section of mystikka.com, HERE.

I recently obtained another oracle deck , 'Medicine Cards.'  I am still in the process of getting familiar with this particular deck, but would love to pull a card for you during our session if you want to know what your animal medicine is for a particular situation. Please specifically ask me about your animal medicine if you are interested.

I am available mostly by appointment. Contact me if you'd like to schedule something.

Peace and blessings,