Saturday, April 2, 2022

Instagram Scammers

If anyone contacts you on Instagram saying they are me, there is a good chance they are not. My IG IDs are @womanofwands and @icecreamoracle. If there are any screen names with variations on the spellings, underscores, etc. They are not me. 

Note: I do not solicit readings over any messaging platform. My clients come to me. 

This past year, Instagram has become overrun with scammers. Many creators are being impersonated, and their followings targeted and solicited over DM. If enough followers report the scammer, the account will be deleted, just to have more pop up in its place. 

My feed, once populated with fun and interesting posts, has become overloaded with ‘scammer alert’ notices from colleagues. I was also impersonated recently, which is strange, considering the last time I posted on my feed (rather than in Stories) was around six months ago. One tarot reader I know has dozens of impersonators. It’s out of control and Instagram isn’t helping. Many have become so frustrated with all the damage control they’ve had to do, they have deleted their accounts or simply stopped posting.

Nothing lasts forever and Instagram has been in decline for a few years, anyway. My response to the unsafe environment there has been to make my accounts private. I will still check in and respond to relevant DMs, but won’t use Instagram like I used to. 

You can currently find me on:

I am slowly editing and expanding my Koji to include more offerings, content and updates. Thanks for staying in touch!

Love and light,