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New Clients

I have posted this info on my official site, in addition to the Psychic Coach Blog

Getting a Reading - The Basics

If you're on a mobile browser... 


My site ( will seem trickier to navigate. If you're here to get a reading, I suggest utilizing this page to keep the process simple. If you’re looking to learn more about the full range of my services and/or offerings, I suggest accessing from a computer. 


What you need to know as a potential new client...

Most of my new clients come to me through referrals. However, there are some things you as a potential new client would need to know about the type of readings I provide – as well as what the limitations of a reading are, before we talk. There are always key points that others don't mention while referring my services - and it's certainly up to ME, not them, to explain how I work.

First and foremost, I've made it mandatory for new clients to read the following two pages before setting up a call with me:

About My Readings

After you have read about my readings and disclaimers, if you still feel I am the kind of reader you’re looking for, we can proceed. 

Calling me on Click4Advisor...
Click4Advisor is a third-party interface that professionals use to provide services over the phone to a national or international customer base. Their system handles the billing and the connection of the call. Your phone number or other personal information is not shared with me. Our session takes place via the Click4Advisor phone number and/or web interface.

The platform is really easy to use. You will need to sign up for an account with Click4Advisor so you can use your PayPal or a card to fund it.  You can then use the money that you have added to your account for a phone reading / coaching session with me. You control how much money you spend on a call; when we run out of time, you can either end the call or re-charge your account to continue the call. 

You can always ‘request a call back’ with me if I do not appear as ‘available.’  Click4Advisor will take you through the prompts in their automated system to get you all set up.

Please email me and I will do my best to accommodate your reading request ASAP. I usually check my email many times throughout the day and give top priority to clients seeking to schedule a session.

If you have read all of the above, accepted the disclaimers and are ready to talk, click the button below and follow the prompts.

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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Checking In

Happy 2014!

Astrological events happen all the time, yet since the New Moon in Capricorn occurred on January 1st, something profound has been in alive in the air. Most of us didn't see an immediate, dramatic new beginning dropped into our lap from the sky, that day. Yet for many of us, the New Moon/New Year double-whammy-combo triggered powerful inspiration and set in motion an opportunity to move forward or reap harvest, providing - and this part is very important -  we are willing to release toxic, unproductive or cluttering influences standing in the way.

For some of us, 2014's deeply symbolic kick-off may have uncovered a new understanding about what had been causing us to stagnate or digress in an area - or multiple areas, of life.  Your individual chart will reveal parts of your life highlighted by this lunar event and will give additional insight into the energies at play and how they are affecting you.

Note* If you wish for me to access your natal chart, you will need to either email me a copy of your (Tropical) chart OR send me your birth information (date, month, year, time, location) ASAP before our session.

Many clients call me because they want to know how someone else is feeling or what they're doing, or planning on doing. I want you to know that I am also here to assist you on your journey of introspection, discovery, self-empowerment and emotional healing. You can learn more about the tools I use in the About My Sessions section of, HERE.

I recently obtained another oracle deck , 'Medicine Cards.'  I am still in the process of getting familiar with this particular deck, but would love to pull a card for you during our session if you want to know what your animal medicine is for a particular situation. Please specifically ask me about your animal medicine if you are interested.

I am available mostly by appointment. Contact me if you'd like to schedule something.

Peace and blessings,

Monday, November 11, 2013

Psychic Career Mentoring

When I began my psychic career at the age of eighteen over twenty years ago, I was extremely fortunate to have mature, experienced psychics in the San Diego, California metaphysical community who recognized potential and responded to my enthusiasm. These wise, lovely people contributed to my success in different ways. Some gave me direct advice or opened up professional or creative doors of opportunity, others led by example.  I cannot imagine I’d have been able to develop a fruitful career as a psychic so early on, minus the vital support and guidance of those early connections.

My personal connection with Spirit offered more growth than external resources alone. Yet, I’d get my intuitive epiphanies validated and other food for thought from classes or seminars I’d attend, or books and articles that I would read. No other activities would replace one-on-one conversations, though.  I craved an understanding dialogue and like-minded companionship on the journey.

I have come to realize that many psychically inclined folks who wish to attempt a career using their gifts, lack access to a booming local metaphysical community teeming with experienced, well-intentioned psychics who are able or willing to devote their time, friendship or attention to a newbie.

In my psychic career I’ve offered a litany of metaphysical services ranging from paranormal house cleansing to dream interpretation. One of these services includes mentoring for psychics.

Many of my clients are also professional psychics, simply calling for readings. A good portion of these readers, whether they are significantly experienced or just beginning an attempt to go into business, request guidance pertaining to launching, managing, or maintaining their careers. Some of the questions I’ve been asked are as follows:

“Is a psychic career really right for me? What does it entail?”
"Can I make a good living as a psychic?"
"How do I find or strengthen my personal style of giving readings?"
“How do I respond to clients that interrupt me and won’t let me properly answer their questions?”
“Clients don’t want to work on themselves or let me help them spiritually. What can I do?”
“How do I develop my empathy/clairvoyance/clairaudience?”
“How can I improve my readings?”
“What can I do if I'm unable to intuitively connect with a client?”
“Would it be beneficial to learn how to use a divination tool such as astrology, tarot or runes and which one is right for me?”
“How do I recruit clients or start building my psychic business?”
"How can I psychically protect myself?"
“How do I respond to a client that is asking about (insert any question or topic here)?”
“How do I dismiss a client who is disrespectful or abusive with minimal repercussions on my end?”
“How do I detach from a client, so that their sadness or negative emotions aren’t affecting me when I am done with the reading?”
“How do I read for a client whose lifestyle goes against my values or beliefs?”
“How do I set boundaries with a client?”
“How do I use my own experiences and areas of knowledge to enhance my readings and/or my brand?”

I have decided to offer a discounted rate for clients who are seeking Psychic Career Mentoring. My rate on for readings and coaching is $3.99 a minute; however I will lower my rate to $2.99 a minute for those who are calling specifically for Psychic Career Mentoring.

If you would like to set up an appointment for Psychic Career Mentoring, please email me with ‘Psychic Career Mentoring’ in the subject line.

To learn more about my experience and qualifications, read my Bio.
For information about my readings and coaching, click Here. 

Disclaimer: The $2.99 a minute rate is for Psychic Career Mentoring ONLY. No predictive or love and relationship oriented questions may be asked during the session. If you seek guidance on anything other than Psychic Career Mentoring, please request an appointment for a regular session at $3.99 a minute.

Peace and Love,


Thursday, November 15, 2012

DISCLAIMERS - All potential new clients MUST READ

Attention all potential new clients! I require anyone and everyone who wishes to purchase a session with me to read my list of disclaimers before contacting me or attempting to set up an appointment. I have put the following list in place so that I can avoid wasting anyone’s time or money.

-     I do not read for KEEN clients outside of KEEN.  If I have ever read for you on KEEN, you must contact me through KEEN only.

-    All potential clients must send me a brief introduction email before I will consider setting up an appointment. This email will help me determine if I am the right kind of reader / coach for you before we talk. In this email please include your name and a general idea of  what you hope to get out of the session.

 -    If you have a specific question, ask. I'm more empathic than telepathic, which means I am not a mind reader and I may pick up information other than what addresses your burning questions if you don't ask them. A question gives me a direction to focus my energy in.

-    I only work well with clients who are open.   If you are going to see a doctor, do you expect him to diagnose you while standing across the room? He has to examine you a little bit first. The same holds true for me. It takes me a few minutes to get familiar with the energy of a new client. I am not a performing monkey here to do tricks; I am here to help people navigate their emotions and lives.

-    If your questions begin with the word 'WHEN,' please call someone else instead. If you are ONLY seeking information about timing, I am probably not the appropriate advisor for you.

-   The energy of the moment determines how certain events will play out in a short-term time frame. Therefore I only make short-term predictions based on the current energies. Long-term predictions go against my spiritual beliefs and ethics.
-    No reader is 100% accurate, and we can't connect to EVERYONE. The future is not set in stone, it can change due to free will. Many clients believe free will is a cop-out used by readers, however it is ACTUALLY a Universal law and co-exists with fate. I can't break or bend Universal laws for you.

-     If you lie to me,  it will cloud my reading.  LOGIC is one of the tools used to process psychic information and works in harmony with intuition. If my logic and intuition are in conflict due to dishonest information given to me by a client, the psychic information will not come through as accurate as it could be.

-    I do not offer lottery numbers or locate lost objects.

-   If you need legal advice, please seek out an attorney, not a psychic.

-   I am not a medical doctor and cannot diagnose medical issues or prescribe treatments. If you need medical advice, seek out a doctor. If you want to know if you are pregnant, buy a pregnancy test.  “Don’t use me as your E.P.T. “ ;-) . I am well-researched and experienced in herbs and alternative medicine and can offer remedies for purposes of research and discussion with your medical provider, only.

-   If a client starts to rely on me too much, I will stop taking their calls. Spirit will close up and stop giving me psychic information if the service becomes an addiction or misused in some way by the client.

-    And last but not least... a legal disclaimer: Psychic readings are for entertainment purposes only.

To learn more about my readings and professional experience, please visit:

To purchase a session, visit:

Feel free to contact me if you would like to schedule an appointment:

Friday, November 2, 2012

Interview with Actress, Director, Singer and Playwright Audrei-Kairen

Very happy and honored that my interview with Audrei-Kairen is the front cover feature in the November 2012 issue of Bellesprit Magazine! 

For a direct link to the interview, see:

To view the November 2012  issue of Bellesprit Magazine in its entirety, visit their website:

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My Interview with Sylvia Browne- reposted from the Spring 2009 issue of MetaCreative Magazine

Interview with Legendary Psychic and Best-Selling Author Sylvia Browne

Interview with Legendary Psychic and Best-Selling Author
Sylvia Browne

By: Mystikka Jade

Sylvia Browne is the #1 New York Times best-selling author and world-famous psychic medium who appeared on The Montel Williams Show for years and Larry King Live, as well as making countless other media and public appearances. With her down-to-earth personality and great sense of humor, Sylvia thrills audiences on her lecture tours and still has time to write numerous immensely popular books. She has a master’s degree in English literature and plans to write as long as she can hold a pen.

Sylvia is the president of the Sylvia Browne Corporation; and is the founder of her church, the Society of Novus Spiritus, located in Campbell, California.

Mystikka Jade: First, I wanted to ask you about one of your latest books, ‘Mystical Traveler.’ What exactly is a mystical traveler? What is the difference between that and a mission-life entity, which you also speak about in the book?

Sylvia Browne: Well, most of us are mission life entities. I mean, we come down here on a specific mission. There are certainly people that are more driven than others, who like to create something like Oprah has, or some bigger thing, like to work for animals.

But a mystical traveler is someone who gives up his or her will totally to God. In other words, you don’t have any free will choice anymore. So you decide to take on all the keys; the fortitude, the mercy, honesty, loyalty and gratitude. But there are a lot of pluses with that. You get psychic and healing ability, more levity, infused knowledge and greater intelligence. But you really have to take the oath.

I’ve talked to so many people before I wrote the book, and people would say to me, ‘There’s something more inside of me that I want to do to gain higher intelligence or higher spirituality.’ And that’s the person who is really a candidate for a mystical traveler.

Mystikka: Wow! It sounds to me like, when you’re describing a mystical traveler, that it’s someone who has no ego. Do you feel that a mystical traveler is someone who has eliminated the ego, or do they still struggle with it?

Sylvia: You know, all my life, I’ve heard this word ‘ego.’ And not because you asked me, but it makes me crazy. I am who I am. I am Sylvia. And, ‘ego’ taken from the Greek is ‘I am.’ If you know who you are, you’re happy with who you are, and you know you’re doing God’s work, you don’t have to worry about ego.

Mystikka: I guess where I am coming from when I use the word ‘ego’ is more to describe the side of ourselves that is based in fear or the dark side… So concerned with image that we often will overlook the greater picture of things…

Sylvia: Oh yeah but see, the more you get out with people the more you lose that. That’s too self- centered. It’s like, so many psychics are afraid to be wrong. And I say, well good Lord! Anyone who has any brain cells is going to be wrong.

I even said to John Edwards, ‘Don’t get caught up in your own press releases!’

Mystikka: (Laughs) Right! That’s a good one.

Sylvia: The bigger you are and the more you’re doing, the less time you have to think about yourself, or how you look, or what you’re doing or what you’re saying. I go out on stage and say ‘God, hit it!’ That’s all.

Mystikka: Or we have less time to be concerned about what other people are saying.

Sylvia: Who cares? Nobody’s winning a popularity contest here. Who in the hell is going to love everybody? Not everyone is going to love you, so who cares? I’ve been asked, ‘What do you do with skeptics?’ I said I don’t care about them. I don’t even think about them.

Mystikka: That’s good. I know you have a son (Chris) that does readings. I was wondering, do you feel that psychic healing or mystical abilities are hereditary?

Sylvia: I do believe that, there are over 300 years of us. Of course I had already done it, but a woman, God love her, in Seattle, actually did my genealogy and looked it up. My grandmother was (psychic), her mother was, her brother was, her mother’s mother was… God, we go back so many years. I am, my son is a wonderful psychic. My granddaughter is, so it seems like the beat goes on. Of course I believe it comes from God, but I do believe with all of my heart that we chose a genetic component part to this.

Mystikka: Right, and then it can just be fined tuned I’m sure, with your influence on your son and on your granddaughter.

Sylvia: Yes, my son, I can’t even believe this, is 42 now and he’s done Hay House Radio. And people are starting to call and say that he is just marvelous, and he really is marvelous. It certainly does not seem to diminish with age, it seems to get stronger the more you use it.

The fear of being wrong, you know… oh to hell with that. Just open up your mouth and say it.

Mystikka: Yes, well nobody is one hundred percent accurate anyway.

Sylvia: And wouldn’t it be scary if you were?

Mystikka: Mmm hmm!

Sylvia: People ask me, ‘Can you read my mind?’ And I say, ‘If you could do that, you’d probably be walking around smacking everybody!’

Mystikka: (Laughs) Yeah. And nobody else would have any privacy either.

Sylvia: No, there’s a privacy act. Even your spirit guide can’t get into your mind unless you give permission.

Mystikka:  And some clients don’t want to give you permission to get into their thoughts, or feelings, or into their lives. A lot of them will call with a closed mind and closed attitude and test you, and throw a lot of negativity at you.

Sylvia: I don’t put up with that though. I say, ‘This is over now.’ It takes so much energy to get through all that negativity.

Mystikka: To break down those walls…

Sylvia: Oh, no. I say, ‘You’ve got a full refund, see ya.’

Mystikka: Thank you, you’re awesome. We love you.

Sylvia: And I love you all.

This article was originally published in MetaCreative Magazine.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Discussion with Stuart Wilde

Grace, Gaia and the End of Days - A Discussion with Stuart Wilde
Interview by: Mystikka Jade

This interview was originally published in MetaCreative Magazine -  Summer 2009

About Stuart Wilde

Known as an urban mystic and modern visionary, author and lecturer Stuart Wilde has written 18 books on consciousness and awareness. He has a humorous and simple way of explaining things that are controversial, self-empowering, mystical and transformational. His writings include the very successful Tao's Quintet, which are considered classics in their genre. They consist of: Miracles, Affirmations, The Force, The Quickening, and The Trick to Money is Having Some! Stuart Wilde's way of writing is often very moving and his information is highly original and detailed, many of the great writers and teachers in the self-empowerment genre have studied with him over the years. Stuart's perceptive and quirky way of writing has won him a loyal readership. His books have sold in the millions, and they have been translated into 15 languages. To purchase Stuart Wilde's latest book, 'Grace, Gaia and the End Of Days,' please visit:

After reading Stuart Wilde's latest book, 'Grace Gaia and the End of Days, ‘I was thrilled to have the opportunity to interview him about some of the ideas that he writes about in the book. I was also able to ask Stuart about his experiences with Ayahuasca (a shamanic brew containing DMT) and explore his perspective on psychedelics and how DMT and psilocybin impact spirituality. I left the conversation with Stuart feeling inspired by the depth, intensity and directness of his words, as well as by the eloquence he uses when articulating his ideas. In addition to being enlightening, our chat was great fun and I look forward to presenting it to you on the following pages! To purchase Stuart Wilde's latest book, 'Grace, Gaia and the End of Days,' please visit:

Mystikka: Stuart, in your book, 'Grace Gaia and the End of Days,' you say that we are in the age of destruction.

Stuart Wilde: Yes, I do.

Mystikka: I would like to know, what is the age of destruction and how do we survive it?

Stuart: Well, I'm not sure that we can really survive it, but it’s the destruction of the planet, and essentially the destruction of the human soul. We are in a descending evolution. Humanity has gone lower and lower and become more and more degraded as time has gone on. We've seen visions of beings that were twelve feet tall that walked the earth, the remnants of which are the Maasai people in Africa. Those beings could run 40 miles an hour! We're sort of runts compared to them.

Our soul has been endarkended, it's been made worse with the degradation of the feminine spirit. The world is full of extraordinary states of violence. There is pornography on the internet, child labor, pedophilia in the Catholic Church, pedophilia in Belgium... massive darkness against children and women. We see Gaia as the feminine spirit, as the Goddess that has returned to the planet, to reclaim it. Part of the destruction is what humans have forced upon nature, such as the mass slaughtering of a billion animals a day and the destruction of the water and the air. But also, it's the destruction of Gaia upon us, as she takes the planet back. I used to think of it in terms of being a vengeance, but I was in error there. That was just in the very early days when I saw the visions and I didn't really completely understand them. She has no vengeance against us; she just wants her planet back.

Mystikka: I noticed that in your book, you say that only about six percent of people in the Western World have a soul.

Stuart: Yes.

Mystikka: I want to know, how did you come up with that percentage, and why is it so low?

Stuart: Well, to say that it's 'so low' would have to give it a point of reference. It's not really necessarily low or high. It has to do with the real warmth inside people. *Gurdjieff said that humans don't really have a soul, they have to fight to earn one. And what he meant by that is, we live in a kind of collective group soul. So let’s say you are a fundamentalist Methodist and you live in Fort Worth. You have an identity, a soul, a mind, a feeling that is akin to, let’s say three quarters of a million people that live in the greater Fort Worth area that are the same as you. You don’t have originality; you don’t have vibrancy outside the group soul of Methodists that live within that particular town. So that is what Gurdjieff was talking about.

He was saying that because humans are lulled through the matrix into this sort of drone like state, they exist in vast clusters. Whether they're Hindu, Buddhist, stock exchange, high fliers, whatever. They live in the cluster to define themselves. Gurdjieff said that you have to fight for a soul, through meditation, introspection, quietness and through spiritual disciplines, in order to develop originality. He felt that linking into those inner worlds through these techniques took you into the creative pulses of divinity, or God or what we would say was the 'feminine spirit.' Of course once you are in that creative pulse, you develop an automatic originality and can produce creativity very fast. You come up with ideas that no human has ever thought of and you do things that no human has ever done. Or, you lean in that direction. Gurdjieff set everybody in this group soul idea. He was the original writer that came up with that, and then we saw it by watching the Aluna, which is a mirror world we believe, is akin to an anti-particle world. It’s not “anti” in the sense of dark or evil, it just an electrical polarity that is opposite to our polarity.

We live in a universe of only positive particles. All the negative particles were rubbed out because at the big bang or shortly thereafter, when the universe began. The positive particles and the negative particles wiped each other out. However, there was a slight excess of positive particles, so a tree, a giraffe, a person, an apple, or an orange could come into existence. These mirror worlds that we watch in trance are what we believe, anti-particle worlds. So you have a doppelganger in the mirror world. There is another you that is the minus electrical bracket or the minus electrical equation. The plus electrical equation is in say Minnesota, or wherever you happen to be today. So that mirror version of you is actually your spirit, or what new-agers would call your soul in the spirit world.

We watch inside the Aluna, sometimes hundreds or thousands of different people. We can watch people hurting each other in the back streets of LA, we can watch darkness going on in the golden triangle, shipping heroin from the north to the south, and we can watch whatever we want to watch. Most people are represented in the world by their social self. So they have their niceties, and their Mr.Nice Guy routine, and they have all their pretenses. But deep down they don’t care about killing people, or killing animals. They don’t care about the pain of the animals and they don’t’ care about other humans. So they may pretend to be all girly-girly, lovey-lovey, 'here’s a chocolate, 'lets party.' But in fact, there is a deep seeded resentment and hatred that’s inside of them.

So watching the hatred and assessing the numbers, we came to see that about 94% of all the people are deeply dark. They are invested in a massive amount of hatred and disdain for humanity, the animals, and nature. They don’t have any genuine celestial warmth and so they don’t really have a soul, they have a group soul and then they have this darkness that’s inside of themselves that they don’t admit to.

So Mr. Nice Guy fries the hamburgers, sausages and bacon. He’s jovial while handing out the beer, but generally speaking, he has an enormous disdain for women, he’s a womanizer, he’s got these really dodgy businesses that he runs. He’s ripping people off or being a predator. The nice guy routine hides the devilish person that is actually there. Now in reality or normal society, we can’t see the devil, unless you have very acute perception.

Mystikka: So you’re talking about watching all of this from the Aluna. His mirror version, or doppelganger, is not a bright soul. He does not have a projection of himself in the spirit world that actually is of light. Is that what you’re saying?  

Stuart: Yes, you see the social self will pretend to be OK. Hitler didn’t go around saying, “I murder people and I’m absolutely ghastly, and I take morphine, and I break the legs off spiders.” He pretended to be a nice person. He felt he was solving Germany’s problems and getting the trains to run on time. But you would see the devilish person in the Aluna. So that is how we know there are very few celestial people.
This world is just about to enter a colossal crisis, like a holocaust of pain. All of these massive upheavals are all organized and mathematically designed to happen on particular days and particular times. When these things happen to the planet, there will be tens of millions, maybe even a billion people that will return back to God and they will begin to question and look within. We are going to have a kind of enforced redemption and then there will be about four or five million people that just don’t care about redemption. They are going to take a gun, and go try to find a can of beans.

Mystikka: Okay, that’s very intense. A lot of the readers of MetaCreative Magazine are not just metaphysically inclined, but also psychedelically inclined. I wanted to ask you about your Ayahuasca experiences and how they influenced the book?

Stuart: It was only marginally influential, but on an Ayahuasca journey, and I’ve done 90, you do see the digital fractal worlds that the alternate dimensions are made of. Sometimes you’ll see the Aluna and you’ll see humans interacting. Beings come and talk to you. Other times, you’ll have a being come along and perform an operation on your kneecap or something that you injured playing tennis ten years ago. We see those beings all the time on the Ayahuasca. I’m very keen on Ayahuasca because our DMT is being depleted as you probably know. The depletion is created a lot by fat in the diet. And a lot of the depletion is because of stress. Because DMT is depleted in the brain, hundreds of millions, or billions of people don’t really dream and they don’t vision without that 'spirit molecule.' Without the DMT you can’t vision. So essentially you can’t really communicate with the spirit without it. So I was a great believer in Ayahuasca. In the west in certain countries, for example in America, it is illegal and considered a class A drug. But in South America it is considered a medicine.

I spent an awful lot of money and effort into pushing and promoting all the various shamans that weren’t totally evil, and getting people to go to the Ayahuasca. Then I started my own Ayahuasca temple in Ecuador, because most of the places where Ayahuasca is done, with a couple of exceptions, are usually very grungy. Or you have to go to the jungle, which of course is the true ethnic experience. But sometimes westerners are not really ready for all the mosquitoes and lack of latrines and so forth. So I put my Ayahuasca gigs in a very beautiful resort in Ecuador, where each person gets their own cabin and fireplace and service just like any regular hotel. I ran that for several years.

You take the Ayahuasca and 40 minutes later you are looking at the fractal reality of the Aluna world and the multi-dimensional worlds, because it’s replacing the DMT in your brain. Yes, people are very judgmental and laws have been passed to stop it, but it does really help people and I do believe in it. There are certain people that shouldn’t take it, such as those people that are psychiatrically disturbed or that are liable to go a bit skitzo on it.

Holland just passed a law against mushrooms. It was completely 100% legal to take mushrooms in England, and then they passed a law against mushrooms. I can’t quote you the legislation, but it was like two years ago. And Ireland had a completely free law for mushrooms, and then they passed a law against them. So, essentially, all of these various forms of psilocybin or DMT are being sort of closed off to legitimate buys or sellers like the Amsterdam shops. It’s like the matrix making sure that no one escapes, you know? I’m a great believer in those things, but I think you have to be careful. I know people that take mushrooms as a recreation, and as a recreational drug it really doesn’t work. Then there are kids that take too many. Mushrooms are a serious medicine and you have to take them in exactly the right quantity. You can’t tell by looking at a mushroom how strong it is. It depends on the day, and how you feel, the circumstances, what you ate, how dry the mushroom is, or how wet it is, and so forth. So some people really, really spook out on mushrooms. You need a shaman who really knows what he’s talking about (to guide you).

I trained with a Celtic shaman in the forest; he showed me what he knew. He was very kind and I was very moved. Mushrooms are a difficult business because nowadays it’s illegal. You know the other thing that people are taking a lot of now, but it’s extremely illegal, are DMT crystals, which (Terence) McKenna wrote about. McKenna said that DMT crystals are like the most powerful drug in the world. And it’s true because you can take like a 20th of a gram, inhale it and within 15seconds you’re out, you can’t feel your body. The actual journey is through these fractal digital worlds or though the hell worlds, but you see this multi-dimensional reality. We call it the hyper state. You see the hyper state, and it only last for about 15 minutes, but it is the most extraordinary 15 minutes of your life. McKenna said it like it is, it is the most difficult drug. You have got to be brave to take DMT crystals.

Mystikka: Right, and I believe you are referring to the N,N-DMT, not the 5-MeO-DMT, correct?

Stuart: Yes, I believe there is a different molecule in it because it’s synthesized. It is really, really powerful. I’ve only ever done it once. The thing is if you put it in a glass pipe or water filled bong and smoke it, the first puff you’re already on your way. By the second toke you’re defiantly on your way, and usually you’re out before the end of the third toke. So that is how strong it is. So you may think you smoked a twentieth of a gram, but most of it is still in the bowl because you never got around to toking it. It is very strong, but it is very trans-dimensional and very beautiful. But I don’t recommend the use of DMT crystals, because it is so powerful. Unless you’re with people that really know what they are doing. I don’t know what the dangers are. I would never recommend it. I don’t know of anyone ever dying on Ayahuasca. I’ve never heard of anybody. But I don’t know whether on DMT you could get into serious grief.

Mystikka: I can imagine that one might leave their body and not want to come back.

Stuart: Yes, I’ve heard of that experience as well. Many people have told me that, many. And of course mushrooms, there are deaths on mushrooms. Sometimes because the electrical impulses from the brain to the heart become disrupted, but also people become psychotic and jump of a bridges and stuff like that. So mushrooms can be dangerous if they’re over used. I wish that we were allowed to have mushrooms, but let’s say only in the hands of certified practitioners.

Mystikka: Yes, approached in a sacred manner.

Stuart: Yes. In the forms of legalized shamans and doctors that believed in it. But I don’t think that world will ever happen. With Ayahuasca, you either do it illegally, or you spend three of four grand flying to South America. You have to take a week off work, etc. What we do, we take homeopathic doses of it. We take a small amount each day for 90 days. Say 15 mls. And we take it at night, before we go to bed as an ongoing everyday dose of it. Once I went on a 30 day mushroom kick. I took Mushrooms every day for 30 days with a Shaman.

Mystikka: That is hard core!

Stuart: Yes, that was very hard core. It was a sort of training, but then I pulled away from the mushroom business because it became illegal. I just got out of the whole thing. This was years ago.

*George Ivanovich Gurdjieff (20th century mystic)