Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Lucky Ladybug by Citrine Metaphor

I have been working on new music for Citrine Metaphor, my musical outlet, for a spiritual / metaphysical indie production that is still in the "hush-hush" stages.

Lucky Ladybug is our new single, composed by me and produced by Payg Harmony. This tune is meant to be whimsical and uplifting. The other music in the project will be encompassing a range of moods. I hope you will check out the song on the Soundcloud player below - and if you like it, pass it on!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Read The Love Crisis Survival Guide - FREE - Limited Time Offer!

If you or someone you know is dealing with heartbreak or heartache of some sort, such as a break up, unrequited love, long distance relationship, or dating someone who is married, my book The Love Crisis Survival Guide offers tools, insights and guidance that can help guide you through. And now, you can read it for free online - for the first time ever! $14.99 value. 

Here's how...

On Smashwords - where I sell The Love Crisis Survival Guide in ebook format -  I have set the sample portion to show 100% of the ebook. So when you preview it, you get to read the entire thing without buying the book

If you're interested in the paperback version, it's available on Amazon.
Also available on Kindle!

Please pass this on to anyone it might help. I will change the Smashwords settings soon and the preview sample will no longer be at 100% - meaning - the ebook will no longer be free.

For now, enjoy!

Love and blessings,
Mystikka Jade

More Information:

The Love Crisis Survival Guide is a condensed, informative manual full of emotional support and healing advice for women who are suffering from a broken heart or other frustrating circumstances in a relationship. The Love Crisis Survival Guide will tell you how to: *Re-spark your individual, creative passions. *Rediscover your strength, power and individuality. *Understand why your partner gives mixed messages, and learn what you can do about it. *Set real boundaries in your relationship. *Know the difference between lower level love strategies that fail and higher level strategies that work. *Understand and deal with a love triangle. *Handle someone who won't commit. *End the cycle of getting involved with the 'wrong people.' *Salvage a failing relationship. *Get your ex back if he truly loves you. *Discover the real potential of an internet romance. ***and much more***

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Fire Agate

"Far better is it to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even be checkered by failure...than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much, because they live in a gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat."

 - Theodore Roosevelt

I have only ever seen fire agate in person once, at a local gem show. And when I did, I had to purchase two small pieces (seen in the photo above). Fire agate is a relatively rare gem and upon first glance, it appears similar to a brown opal. However, examining the bands of flashy rainbow patterns embedded in the fire agate carries its own experience. Opals carry a feminine energy and like female energy, they are soft. Fire agates are harder on the Mohs Scale and more masculine in energy like their element, fire.

Fire agate encourages boldness and courage tempered with patience and stability. Carrying or wearing one can assist in self-expression, sexuality, creativity and progress in goals.

I provide stone recommendations and crystal readings as part of my psychic services.  

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Therapeutic Rock Gardening

My latest personal project has been hunting for stones on my walks and creating a rock garden with my finds -- which include quartz, various types of jasper, an occasional chip of petrified wood and more. I've been working with the rocks (seen in the following photos) a little every day for the past eleven days and have found the time spent doing so to be welcomingly therapeutic.

Rockhounding and gardening are quite effective for getting exercise, fresh air and adding balance and neutralization to lives heavy in work, technology and / or stress.

I love feeling the beneficial vibrations of the stones and arranging them in a zen-like way. This hobby has also provided a much-needed break from the activities surrounding my change in residence earlier this month and has been good physical therapy for my arm, which I had broken at the end of October.

I plan on continuing to work with the stones when time permits and will post more updates in this blog and on Instagram - when I have new progress and images to share.

I would love to see pictures of your rock gardens as well!

Peace and love,


Monday, September 29, 2014

Updated Options for Purchasing a Reading

 A list of available calling and payment options for my sessions and services:

 Click4Advisor - Preferred Option

This is a third-party system which handles the billing and connection of the call. Read my blog post about Click4Advisor to learn how it works.


Browse current listings of my services and purchase your selection in my recently launched, online shop - direct from me! 


Bypass the other steps and buy your reading directly from me.  Must be a domestic caller (USA). Cost for this option is $120 for up to 30 minutes. Contact me if you wish to use this option. Payment will be required after the appointment is set, before the session begins.


I have been on Keen since the year 2000 and still take regular clients there. This option is more expensive than the others and requires a more extensive sign-up. However, if you're a past or present client of mine from the Keen site, you must use Keen set up a reading. I do not usually take new clients on Keen unless they contact me via message there first.

Sunday, September 28, 2014


"I prefer to be a dreamer among the humblest, with visions to be realized, than lord among those without dreams and desires."  - Khalil Gibran 


Amethyst is so popular and abundant that most non-gem enthusiasts are quite familiar with it. The fact that it is common doesn't make it any less beautiful or powerful.

Dreaming, visions and clairvoyance are enhanced with amethyst. One of the most important stones to me early in my psychic career was amethyst, which I would place next to a burning purple candle on my work table (for readings done both in person and over the phone) to help open up my third eye chakra and gain more vision into the lives of my clients. This also helped to create a spiritual atmosphere in the room, which could be seen and felt.

I also believe I connect with it partially because it's my birthstone, and purple is one of my favorite colors.

I provide stone recommendations and crystal readings as part of my psychic services. 

Saturday, September 27, 2014


If you're interested in getting a reading with me, it is important to understand how I work and what my limits are. Please read the following two links if you're a potential new client, before proceeding:

About My Readings

Not everyone is familiar Click4Advisor or third-party calling systems in general - so I have written this post to explain how it works.

Calling me on this service is the best option for:

-  International clients (telephone connection fees are calculated and integrated by Click4Advisor)

-  Callers who are looking for a short to medium length reading (10 to 25 minutes in length)

-  Those who wish to keep their phone number and other personal info private

What is Click4Advisor and How does it work?

Click4Advisor is a third-party interface that professionals use to provide services over the phone to a national and international customer base. Their system handles the billing and the connection of the call. Your phone number or other personal information is not shared with me. Our session takes place by using the Click4Advisor phone number and/or web interface.

The platform is simple and user-friendly. Everything works with the click of a button (see my call button below) and by following the automated prompts. You will need to take a  couple of minutes to sign up for an account with Click4Advisor so you can use your PayPal or a credit card to fund it.  You can then use the money that you have added to your account for a phone reading / coaching session with me. 

You control how much money you spend on a call. When we run out of time that you have pre-paid for, the prompts will give you the option to either end the call or re-charge your account to continue the call. 

You can always ‘request a call back’ with me if I do not appear as ‘available.’  Click4Advisor will take you through the steps to get you set up for a call back or appointment.

If you email me, I will do my best to accommodate your reading request ASAP. I check my messages often throughout the day - and give top priority to clients seeking to schedule a session.

If you have read all of the above, accepted the disclaimers and are ready to talk, click the button below and follow the prompts.

Other Options

You can now purchase a phone reading in my Storenvy Shop. 

I also accept PayPal ($120 for up to 30 minutes)
Contact me to set up an appointment.  

More links:

Purchase a Session
About Me
Contact Me 

Friday, September 26, 2014

Psychic Career Mentoring

Since I started my professional psychic and metaphysical career in 1993, I have seen many new and aspiring psychics with real gifts enter into the industry only to fail or give up because they were unprepared for the realities of this business. 

Doing psychic readings professionally is not the same as doing them for yourself or your friends. Reading books and articles - in my opinion, is not enough to train someone who wants to be successful in this career (and most other careers). It is important to cultivate your own connection to the Universe, however it is equally important to remain teachable and utilize the resource of coaching from long term, experienced professionals in order to be fully prepared to work in this industry.

Even if you take classes to develop your psychic skills, you are not going to receive the personalized and customized training that you can get in a one-on-one psychic mentoring session where your individual skills, gifts and personal psychic style are taken into consideration. 

Becoming a successful professional psychic - or another type of lightworker - is not all about offering a great reading or service (although the quality of one's readings is of utmost importance). There is a lot more to learn about the realities of this business and how to navigate it, than meets the eye. 

Without my early psychic mentors, I would have had a much more difficult time launching and maintaining my career. I am thankful for the training I have received and enjoy providing this service to other psychics who feel a calling on their lives to do this work. 

Here are some examples of questions that can be asked during a psychic mentoring question:

“Is a psychic career really right for me? What does it entail?”
"How can I make a living as a psychic?"
"How do I find or strengthen my personal style of giving readings?"
“How do I respond to clients that interrupt me and won’t let me properly answer their questions?”
“Clients don’t want to work on themselves or let me help them spiritually. What can I do?”
“How do I develop my empathy/clairvoyance/clairaudience?”
“How can I improve my readings?”
“What can I do if I'm unable to intuitively connect with a client?”
“Would it be beneficial to learn how to use a divination tool such as astrology, tarot or runes and which one is right for me?”
“How do I recruit clients or start building my psychic business?”
"How can I psychically protect myself?"
“How do I respond to a client that is asking about (insert any question or topic here)?”
“How do I dismiss a client who is disrespectful or abusive with minimal repercussions on my end?”
“How do I detach from a client, so that their sadness or negative emotions aren’t affecting me when I am done with the reading?”
“How do I read for a client whose lifestyle goes against my values or beliefs?”
“How do I set boundaries with a client?”
“How do I use my own experiences and areas of knowledge to enhance my readings and/or my brand?”

I have decided to offer a discounted rate for clients who are seeking Psychic Career Mentoring. My rate on for readings and coaching is $3.99 a minute; however I will lower my rate to $2.99 a minute for those who are calling specifically for Psychic Career Mentoring.

If you would like to set up an appointment for Psychic Career Mentoring, please contact me using the form on my navigation.

To learn more about my experience and qualifications, read my Bio.
For information about my readings and coaching, click Here. 

Disclaimer: The $2.99 a minute rate is for Psychic Career Mentoring ONLY. No predictive or love and relationship oriented questions may be asked during the session. If you seek guidance on anything other than Psychic Career Mentoring, please request an appointment for a regular session at $3.99 a minute.

Peace and Love,


Psychic Themed Art

When I'm not in teaching / psychic reading / writing mode, creating non-verbally, through art, satisfies the need to express - and I find the practice of it to be centering.

I consider my art to be an extension of my psychic and other metaphysical work (such as hypnosis and other forms of energetic healing). Sharing colorful energy for emotional healing or spiritual upliftment is the motivation behind most of my images.

'Madame Zarayna' and 'Psychic Readings Poster' were inspired by the theatrical side of the psychic industry in it's carnival days - and created in fun!

Here are a few psychic-themed images from my art portfolio...

For more information about my art, please visit: