Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Wicked Egg Oracle

In August (2020), I released Wicked Egg Oracle. It's a fun, silly deck with blunt messages. I find it fits those moments when a reality check is needed or desired, but we don't want to get too dark about it. 

Available at The Game Crafter.

Penny Readings


I've been using pressed pennies as a new tool for conducting readings. For those of you interested in how it works, I have written about it, here.

I am currently preparing more penny readings related content, and will update this blog once it is posted.

If you'd like me to draw or cast pressed pennies during your reading, feel free to request it when we talk. :-)

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Holo Stickers

Holo stickers of my latest design are in (Sense of Love Heart). Sending them out as a complimentary gift to friends and USA based clients via snail mail. Contact me to get yours (DM on Instagram @icecreamoracle).

Read The Love Crisis Survival Guide - Free

UPDATE: I have unpublished the The Love Crisis Survival Guide from Amazon. I wrote it in 2007 and I feel some parts of the book are outdated. However, it is still available free on Smashwords.

If you or someone you know is dealing with heartbreak or heartache of some sort, such as a break up, unrequited love, long distance relationship, or dating someone who is married, my book The Love Crisis Survival Guide offers tools, insights and guidance that can help you through.

Get it free - here's how:

On Smashwords - where I sell The Love Crisis Survival Guide in ebook format -  I have set the sample portion to show 100% of the ebook. So when you preview it, you can read the book in its entirety free of charge.


More Information:

The Love Crisis Survival Guide (written in 2007 - published to print in 2010) is a condensed, informative manual full of emotional support and healing advice for women who are suffering from a broken heart or other frustrating circumstances in a relationship. The Love Crisis Survival Guide will tell you how to: *Re-spark your individual, creative passions. *Rediscover your strength, power and individuality. *Understand why your partner gives mixed messages, and learn what you can do about it. *Set real boundaries in your relationship. *Know the difference between lower level love strategies that fail and higher level strategies that work. *Understand and deal with a love triangle. *Handle someone who won't commit. *End the cycle of getting involved with the 'wrong people.' *Salvage a failing relationship. *Get your ex back if he truly loves you. *Discover the real potential of an internet romance. ***and much more***

Monday, March 2, 2020

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Keen Video Feature

I was featured in Keen's video called "Welcome to the Keen Community." Watch here.
Thanks, Nala for inviting me to participate!

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Ice Cream Oracle Update

Hello Friends...

I have been so grateful to see the videos featuring Ice Cream Oracle being posted on YouTube! It is awesome and heartwarming to witness you lending your voices to this project and using the deck in such creative ways.

If you're not too familiar with Ice Cream Oracle and would like to see the deck in action, just search YouTube for Ice Cream Oracle. Or watch the videos below :-) And if you like the videos, subscribe to the creators! I love how they are often working with interesting decks I hadn't yet seen.


Saturday, February 8, 2020

Astrological Signs as Soaps

New astrology art featuring digital handmade soaps, available on Society6:

Side note: Recently, I noticed that my former email address still appears in some places on my site. I'm cleaning it up as I find it. Apologies to anyone whose emails I missed. Please use the contact form (on the navigation panel) if you'd like to get a hold of me.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Ice Cream Oracle - Indie Deck Flip-Thru Video

Ice Cream Oracle is the first divination deck with an exclusive ice cream theme! Three keywords or phrases on each of the 40 title cards guide the curious exploration of possibilities. Add a light touch to serious readings!

Created and Designed by Mystikka Jade & Illustrated by Zoya Zain

Learn More / Buy The Deck: https://www.thegamecrafter.com/games/ice-cream-oracle 

Instagram @icecreamoracle 

© 2019 all rights reserved

Ice Cream Oracle Guidebook

Welcome to the Ice Cream Oracle Guidebook, companion to the Ice Cream Oracle Deck. Click here to read!

Or, you can download the booklet on the Ice Cream Oracle page at The Game Crafter.

If you would like to buy the deck, go here.

You may also read the guidebook on Scribd: