Thursday, November 15, 2012

DISCLAIMERS - All potential new clients MUST READ

Attention all potential new clients! I require anyone and everyone who wishes to purchase a session with me to read my list of disclaimers before contacting me or attempting to set up an appointment. I have put the following list in place so that I can avoid wasting anyone’s time or money.

-     I do not read for KEEN clients outside of KEEN.  If I have ever read for you on KEEN, you must contact me through KEEN only.

-   I do not provide readings, synopsis, coaching, advice, etc. over email. 

-   If you have a specific question, ask. A question gives me a direction to focus my energy in.

-    I only work well with clients who are open.   If you are going to see a doctor, do you expect them to diagnose you while standing across the room? They must examine you first. The same holds true for me. It takes me a few minutes to get familiar with the energy of a new client.

-    If your questions begin with the word 'WHEN,' please call someone else instead. If you are ONLY seeking information about timing, I am probably not the appropriate advisor for you.

-   The energy of the moment determines how certain events will play out in a short-term time frame. Therefore I only make short-term predictions based on the current energies. Long-term predictions go against my spiritual beliefs and ethics.
-    No reader is 100% accurate, and we can't connect to everyone. The future is not set in stone, it can change due to free will. Many clients believe free will is a cop-out used by readers, however it is ACTUALLY a Universal law and co-exists with fate. I can't break or bend Universal laws.

-     If you lie to me,  it will cloud my reading.  LOGIC is one of the tools used to process psychic information and works in harmony with intuition. If my logic and intuition are in conflict due to dishonest information given to me by a client, psychic information will become blocked.

-    I do not offer lottery numbers or locate lost objects.

-   If you need legal advice, please seek out an attorney, not a psychic.

-   I am not a medical doctor and cannot diagnose medical issues or prescribe treatments. If you need medical advice, seek out a doctor. If you want to know if you are pregnant, buy a pregnancy test.  “Don’t use me as your E.P.T. “ ;-). I am well-researched and experienced in herbs and alternative medicine and can offer remedies for purposes of discussion with your medical provider, only.

-   If a client starts to rely on me too much, I will stop taking their calls. Spirit will close up and stop giving me psychic information if the service becomes an addiction or misused in some way by the client.

-    And last but not least... a legal disclaimer: Psychic readings are for entertainment purposes only.

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